Globalisation Issues

Globalisation is a major concern for the Journalists Federation of India. The global media system is dominated by fewer than ten global conglomerates, with another 50-odd companies occupying regional and niche markets. The general thrust of the global commercial media system is quite negative when it comes to professionalism for journalists: it does not underpin social and democratic values; it does not serve public interest; it is not conducive to greater pluralism; it does not contribute to eradicating social inequality or social exclusion. Although globalisation contributes to the spread of democratic values around the world, political and economic power is maintained in the hands of a wealthy minority.

The main actions of the JFI and its member unions are :

  1. Setting-up of International Standards within companies at a national level with international codes of conduct and conventions on social and trade union rights
  2. International Solidarity by networking journalists unions in different countries to strengthen organising and bargaining within global media companies
  3. Information about global media companies concerning their business activities and labour practices in order to meet the unions’ need for bargaining

Additionally, the JFI and its regional bodies participate actively in international meetings where globalisation policy is being defined such as, for instance, the World Economic Forum and the World Social Forum.


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