The Journalists Federation of India with its Head Office in, New Delhi, carries out this mandate of freedom of Expression and speech as well as cultural diplomacy through a wide spectrum of activities.

(Non-Profit Organization) is working and fighting to protect for freedom of Expression & Speech.

1. The Journalists Federation of India(JFI) is a federation of journalists trade unions. It has been created to deal with matters related to trade unionism and the practice of the profession of journalism, as well as society at large. It is established in the context of support for pluralist democracy and fundamental human rights. It is independent of all ideological, political, governmental and religious bodies. It represents and assists its member organizations in education and research and all professional matters and has and promotes continental and regional groups made up of those member organizations.

2. The Journalists federation of India (JFI) is an International Association work as a non-profit organization (Non-Government Organisation). The Administrative committee is responsible for meeting the federation; s obligations as a Non-Profit Organization (non-government Organisation).

Welfare, rights of media worldwide/from last more than Seven Years, professional development for writers, editors, journalists.  Publishers, correspondents, reporters, freelance writers, public relations professionals, photographers and other persons/individuals/organization serving in the field of media sector. Non-Profit Organization venture among independent producers and distributors.

International pool of TV, movie, press ( print and electronic) and radio journalists worldwide under the valuable guidance of Mr. H.K Sethi, Secretary General of Journalist Federation of India (Mobiles Nos. +919899462353). Ensuring social, legal (providing legal help) & financial protection of journalists of News Organization.

Raise the standards of journalists. Organizing seminars, bringing coaching to journalists who needs feedback & training to increase their proficiency in the industry, dedicated to defending, protects, improves the rights and safety of the journalists & promotion of the media freedom world-wide. Protects and improves the rights of journalists intellectuals & writers, tallies attack on journalists & documents the worst places to be the journalist.

Journalists Federation of India (JFI) represent journalists in all sectors of media. The Journalism scene is increasingly dominated by the impact of media concentration and the influence of powerful media conglomerates around the world, there are concerns about attempts to loosen media ownership controls and there is growing concern for the future of the powerful tradition of public service broadcasting.

The work of the Journalist Federation of India (JFI) has focused on the development of independent and quality journalism in support of democratic, social and economic development.

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H.K.SETHI (JOURNALIST) Secretary General
of Journalists Federation of India
Mobiles Nos. +919899462353

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